is here to supply Heat Treated Pallets / Cases / Crates / Timber to Ispm-15.

Heat Treated Pallets to ISPM 15 (Legal Requirement)

As of 1st January 2021 all wooden packaging moving betwen the UK and the EU will need to be Heat Treated to ISPM-15.


Ispm is here to supply your company with Heat Treated products to Ispm-15 at a very competitive price. We are now running 2 of our own New Biomass Kilns powered by the state of the art 4 Megawatt boiler and filtration system seven days of the week. Each cycle can produce 2,000 Heat Treated pallets to ISPM-15. We can also kiln dry timber to a very low moisture content to help prevent Mold.

Ispm-15 pallets

We have our own transport fleet and will delivery heat treated pallets to ispm-15 anywhere in the UK. We don't just do New Wooden Pallets we also have our very own recycled pallets company where we can offer redundant pallet collections to keep your site clean. We are manufacturing around 70,000 New Wooden Pallets every week and around 20,000 recycled pallets every week. We have one main site producing all the New Pallets but we have several satellite hubs jotted around the Uk delivering and receiving pallets for repairing.

ISPM-15 A grades

We can manufacture and Heat Treat to Ispm-15 many styles of pallets. We can manufacture 2 way entry pallets, 4 way entry pallets, Kiln dried pallets, fresh sawn pallets, we also manufacture Wooden Crates and Wooden Cases to Ispm-15 as well as Timber pieces. Give us a ring today on 07518 672676 or if you have an enquiry with drawings / photos and yearly volumes for us to have a look at please send these over to:

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For all your New Euro Pallets why not give us a ring today for a competitive price.


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Brexit Heat Treated Pallets

Brexit - Heat Treated Pallets

A No-Deal Brexit would mean packaging materials would not be able to travel through Europe without Heat Treatment to Ispm 15. Many of the Uk Exporters currently use Wooden Cases / Crates / Dunnage and Wooden Pallets to transport there products. The EU require that all Wood Packaging go through the International Phytosanitary measures Ipsm - 15. Once the wood packaging is Heat Treated to Ispm-15 they can carry the official mark of the ISPM 15 Stamp which consists of the 3 codes : ( Producer / Country where the treatment was carried out and the Measure applied, The timber must also be debarked.They also have the IPPC marking on the left hand side which stands for the International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC)

Heat Treated Pallets to Ispm 15

Kilns - Heat Treated Pallets

To get your wooden pallets / wooden packaging EU friendly we need to put them through our Kilns. This is is where timber is put through a process where the timber is heated to a core temperature of 56 degrees for at least 30 minutes. That's where the name 56/30 came from when people talk about the heat treatment process. Some people ask why this process is necessary and its to kill all bugs / micro organisms and fungi.

Ispm 15 Pallets

Heat Treatment - Heat Treated Pallets

As one of the largest pallet producers in the Uk we have already put things in place for a no deal Brexit... We have recently invested 1.5 million pounds on our 10th pallet manufacturing line which can produce a further 70k pallets per week, We have also put this line on a double shift... As well as the Nine Bio Mass Heat Treating and Kiln Drying Kilns we have at our Timber Mill. We also have 2 Brand New State of the art Kilns at our pallet manufacturing facility Powered by a 4 megawatt Boiler. These kilns don't just do heat treating to ISPM - 15 for the wooden packaging, they can also KIln Dry to a very low moisture content to reduce the risk of moldy wooden packaging.